to be Frank

In november 2015 verschenen stuk van Adrian Dannatt.
The painter Jan Frank has a reputation as a hard-drinking, if not hard-fighting, downtown playboy. He is known for his sharp suits and smoky drawl, his alpaca coat, and his fondness for the racetrack (he names his paintings after favorite horses). He tap-dances in his studio, painting to Al Green, Barry White, and Minnie Riperton. He trained among conceptual artists and now makes abstract art. He was a 1970s radical and has largely maintained that lifestyle while living on one of the most expensive blocks of real estate in New York City. He is known by the right people, but not by most people. “If I had to get a tattoo,” said Frank’s friend and supporter the style writer, man-about-town, and onetime Warhol buddy Glenn O’Brien, “I’d probably reproduce a Jan Frank drawing, maybe on my back or upper arm. Nobody would fuck with somebody with a tattoo like that or ask you what it means. They’d be afraid you’d tell them.”
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