The new is online. It offers a very attractive arrangement of the three main portfolio's: interiors, pinhole landscapes and the I-phone images. It also allows me to publish my travel stories.

I kick off with the China diaries, but there is more to follow. I will keep adding photo's and stories to the website on a regular basis.

Travel through China from your armchair.
During my extensive trips to the far corners of China I kept a dairy. Now - 7 years after my last visit - I published these intriguing stories. China is changing much more rapid than I had anticipated. The photo's and my personal experiences have become historic documents. They should be accessible for everybody who is interested in this amazing country. With the stories some never published pictures of the country and the people.

Residency in Hungary
Starting April 15th. I will be artist in residence at Air Pégsbagota, near Pégs in southern Hungary. Pégsbagota is a village of 30 houses and 100 inhabitants. Several houses are standing empty with the furniture still in place. The old people died and nobody moved in. Here I plan to work once more on the concept of home. But this time I am looking from a different perspective. Pégsbagota is 2-3 days driving, so I go by car - easy to bring a lot of camera's. I presume that I will stay more or less in the village. Ideal starting point for photographic experiments.